Monday, March 20, 2006

Birthday Buffet

Birthday Buffet
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The Husband's oldest sister turned 40 this weekend. So off we went to Picton to celebrate. We get out of most of the prep work because we live so far away, but I did have to go visit the Hungarian Granmother in law to pick up the cabbage rolls. (and pickles and cake and pastries and tomato juice. She won't let you leave until you eat something.)

In the first shot you can see most of what was served, The cake, the rolls, the various assorted salads, the roast beef and the two remaining cabbage rolls. There was also the many nibbiles the dips and the veggie platters. And the other cake.

It was nice to see everyone, and I don't think I need to eat for a week.

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moon said...

OMG! I am so hungry now...DAMNIT lol