Friday, March 10, 2006

Dulche de Leche Cheesecake

Dulche de Leche Cheesecake
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Here we are again - it's time for SHF! This month it's hosted by Spitoonextra and our theme is Dairy.

I made this lovely cheesecake with some cream cheese, some homemade yogurt cheese (I love my yogurt maker!!) and the Dulche de Leche that I made last week. I think that fufils the dairy requirments!

I started with some Graham Cracker Crumbs and added some sugar and some butter. (more dairy!). This was the only part of the cheesecake that was baked. I whipped the cream cheese and yogurt cheese together so that they were light and fluffy. I poured in some of the caramel to sweeten the cheese and poured it over the crust.

Once the cheese set a bit I poured even more of the caramel over the top. It dripped a bit when we cut into it but boy was it good!

Doesnt it look scrumptious?


Randi said...

Yummy, how was it? Was it tangy because of the yogurt cheese?

Erin S. said...

It does look delicious. How cool that you make your own cheese. as to your question about cracking--I have no idea why mine didn't....just the right amount of cooking time? A fairly heavy batter? I'm not sure.

ostwestwind said...

That sounds great. My husband brought some dulce de leche from Chile, so I can try another recipe.

Tania said...

Mmm ... dulce de leche ... on cheesecake no less ... dripping so temptingly down the sides ... mmm!

Hobici said...

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cin said...

wow, it does look great!

boo_licious said...

Yes, it looks super scrumptious - am drooling over the keyboard.

Andrew said...

The only reason for selecting dairy was for a batch of cheesecake recipes - thanks for adding to the pack I cant wait to try this one.

Thanks for participating with SHF.