Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Duck Noodle Soup

Duck Noodle Soup
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Last night for dinner we had a roast chicken. Nothing special but today we still had the bones. I decided to make some stock.

The chicken bones, some carrot and celery simmered away for a few hours. And then I was inspired. I added some of the frozen turkey stock that I had, some ginger, peppercorns and a small stick of cinnamon.

Once everything had a good simmer I chopped some cabbage, broccoli and green onions. I cooked some noodles in the stock and popped them in the bowls. The veggies went in next and finally the slices of duck. I just wanted to warm those, not cook them.

And Voila!

(I guess you could really call this Poulty Noodle soup as there is chicken, turkey and Duck in there.)

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