Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Breakfast

Good Friday Breakfast
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Today I got up early and made a nice breakfast for myself and the Husband. I love making breakfast. A nice morning feast can make or break your day.

Today we had thick cut bacon, scrambled eggs with sourcream, toasted Hot cross buns, Skim milk cappuchinos and a fruit cup with kiwi and blood orange. Decadent!

I don't consider myself a Christian so the religious bits of today are kind of lost on me. But Hot cross buns are delicious as well as traditional so I will partake when they are available.

Now I am all wired from the coffee. I don't usually drink caffeinated drinks so when I do it doesnt take many of them to make me hyper.


moon said...

Oh lordy, that looks yummy...I had some raisin toast...since Chris is working today and tomorrow you have given me the idea to make a nice big breakfast on Easter morning for us...I am already hungry thinking about it...or is that your bacon I smell.....(walks away sniffinggggggg)

Randi said...

Its nice that you can have breakfast with D!! I made breakfast too, just scrambled eggs and bagels from Zingerman's and smoked salmon. When are we going to get together?