Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What we saw - spring walk

What we saw - spring walk 017
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The Husband and I headed out to Komoka Provincial Park last week for an early spring walk. After the longs winter it's really nice to see some signs of life creeping back.

We saw this frog at the edge of a small pond. There were lots of others too, but this was the only one to hold still for a photo.

You can see the rest of the shots if you view the whole set HERE.

We plan to go out again many times this summer. I love hiking!

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Jono Cono said...

Hiking is awesome, I think this coming weekend will be the first one for me to head into the hills. I will probably go hiking in the Gatineau Hills across the border in Quebec, I'm in Ottawa, just across the river.

Nice pictures, I had taken some pics of frogs this past weekend and haven't had time to upload them yet. Thanks for the indirect reminder!