Thursday, May 18, 2006

Squirrel in the House!

Squirrel in the House!
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Not even 5 minutes after the Husband left for work this morning I was woken up by cats thundering around the house. Not an unusual occurrence but this time there was a difference.

This little guy had somehow gotten in the house. How? I have no idea - we live on the 8th floor and there are no trees near us. He must have climbed the walls. I don't know why he chose to come in to our place when there are cats here.

Both cats were swiftly ensconced in the bathroom so I could get him out of here. (But not before grabbing the camera!) In the picture he is hiding in our curtains. I took a towel and chased him out the patio door and he tried to hide in the potted plants. I didn't let the cats out until I knew he was gone.

Both boys are busy looking around and sniffing and wondering where that really! great! toy! went.

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Randi said...

wow, how on earth did he make get to your balcony. That is just weird. All the creatures are just drawn to you. They must know you're an animal lover.