Sunday, July 30, 2006

Corn Maze

Yesterday the Husband's extended family had "Christmas in July" We went out to an Aunt's house and had lunch as well as presents. And them we went to the corn maze.

A cousin and his wife have made the World's biggest Corn Maze in their feild.

They are both volunteer firemen so this years theme is firefighting. It has been submitted to the Guiness book of world records and should be certified soon. I went inside it with a neice and I did about half. She did the rest. (It was too hot for me!) Now I can say I have walked the worlds biggest maze!

If you are in the London/Glencoe area go check it out!

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moon said...

OMG THAT MAZE IS AMAZING! I can not even fathom the work that went into doing that. BRAVO to those who did it. I will be sure to pass on the info to ppl who may be interested.