Saturday, November 18, 2006

No fun at all

We went out last night for a drive by of our new house. Then we thought we would go for a drink. We decided to go and try a new place in town called Moxie's.

I have heard different things about that place. Some people at work love it, but Randi hated it. We were willing to give it a shot.

We shouldn't have bothered. The bar was too loud, the service was very slow and the drink I had was terrible.

I tried the sour apple martini. Normally I love sour apple things. And I have had sour apple martinis before that were great. This one just tasted like apple juice. Watered down apple juice. It was weak and boring and too sweet. And they forgot my garnish. /

We won't be going back.

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Anonymous said...

I told you, you need to trust me!!