Saturday, December 16, 2006

Moving day!

Well, tomorrow anyways.

We closed on the new house yesterday. It is empty and waiting for us. We have been to visit twice already and have played with the stove and fridge.

The parentals are arriving this afternoon to help with the process.

Tomorrow night I get to sleep in my new House!! It's the bestest Xmas present ever!

Plus the Husband got his new laptop for school so we will have 2 computers. I will be able to blog while he does school work. Sweet! Now we just have to figure out how to set up the wireless network in the new house!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on the new digs! i've so enjoyed your tag-team blog w/ randi. btw, you're wrong about panties (thongs rock!) :) but completely spot-on (no pun intended) about zits; they should all be popped immediately! and don't stress about havin' your pic taken; you're lovely!