Saturday, January 29, 2005

Places I want to go

Japan - for the food, the history and just to see a culture that is so very different from my own.

Hong Kong - I want to experience that many people in one place, all living togeather.

Italy - again for the food, but because I want to visit the Roman Ruins.

Vancouver Island - I want to drive the whole island, look out from the cliffs, swim in the ocean and poke around in roadside stands.

New York - To do all the cliche tourist stuff, the Statue of Liberty, the MOMA, Central Park.

Newfoundland - To go Whale Watching.

Places I can afford to go:

Strathroy - Home of Grandpa Mac, the Husband's Grandfather.

Owen Sound - Where my Parents are.

Belleville - Where his Parents are.And if we are realy streaching the buget......

Guelph! Because it's there.

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