Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What the heck was that?

Last night after coming out of work I got in the car and went to drive home as usual. The car started making an un-holy squeaking sound everytime I hit the gas or went over a bump. It sounded like there was a family of mice being tortured to death in my dashboard.

It was like that all the way home. (not really all that far, but still!) I couldn't think of what could be causing it. It did get a little better as I drove but all the way home there was that "squeak, squeak squeak".

Of course this happens just as I think I am getting out of my little hole and might actually have a teensy bit of money to spend on me. Does my car have ESP? It does seem to break anytime I think there might be some money soon.

On the positive side, I banged on the dash to, ehrm..... express my frustration and the lights in the panel that have been out for the last year, the ones behind the temperature dial, came on again!

This morning, I get up, go to work and you know what? Nary a squeak. The car sounds just fine.

Was it the weather? A Ghost? Mice? Was I hearing things? Who knows. But keep your fingers crossed for this afternoon.

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