Friday, March 11, 2005


Yesterday Mom bought our tickets for the trip to Montreal we were going to take next weekend.

Today Jetsgo declared bankruptcy and terminated all service.


Musicgirl and I also had tickets with them, but for April. We were planning on going to Halifax. Now we need to figure something else out. Good thing I hadn't booked the hotel or car yet, eh?

I did call my credit card and they are processing my refund. I get the whole amount back in 5 - 7 business days. Hopefully Mom and Musicgirl can get refunds too.

Mom and I are still going to Montreal but we have decided to drive. She is going to take Monday off work and we are going to crash at my In-Laws place Sunday night. She still gets to see my sister, I get to visit with Musicgirl and it will be cheaper. We just have to spend 8 hours in the car each way. Bummer.

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