Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Eating (and other things) in Montreal

This weekend my Mother and I took a trip way up the 401 to visit Musicgirl and my sister in Montreal. I had a big post written about my sister, but on further consideration I have deleted it.

We left about 5 am on Saturday and the driving was just fine. We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and at Subway for lunch. Not very exciting but food and cheap and easy. We made it to Montreal about 1:30 and Mom went off to meet the sister and Musicgirl and I went in search of adventures. We went over to St. Laurent and walked up and down poking into little shops. We bought some chocolate and Musicgirl forcibly restrained me from running into the deli for smoked meat. We went to an art installation with music and sound and hammocks. We stopped for martinis. I had a "Yellow Submarine" lemon vodka, grand marnier and lemon juice. She had a "Hello Kitty" Vodka, sake, Soho lychee liquer and Lychee juice. Very nice.

We went to meet Mom and the sister and brother in law at the Indian place we had gone to last time. What a nice meal! Samosas and pakoras and Naan and rice and butter chicken and palak paneer (puree spinach with cheese) and aloo gobi (curried cauliflower and potatoes) and kebabs. It was really cheap, only about 40$ for the 5 of us. Mom was so impressed she tipped 50%. Musicgirl will get really good service the next time she goes there.

We went to visit the sisters place and back to Musicgirl's house and started drinking. We had Plum juice and vodka martinis and red wine. It was a lot of fun and we sang and danced and laughed. About midnight Mom demanded a scrambled egg with cheese and Musicgirl was nice enough to make her one.

The next morning we went out for breakfast. Musicgirl and I had crepes with spinach and cheddar and Mom had a crepe with maple butter and bacon. Those suckers were HUGE. The crepe was folded in half and filled all of my not so very small plate. Boy was it good.Musicgirl and I went to the Museum and saw the Egyptian exhibit. Mom went to the botanical gardens and saw the butterflies and spent more time with the sister.

Next up was teeny tiny pastries and then Dim Sum. We found a place that offered cart service and joined the line. We got to sneak in early because we said we were willing to share a table. We had fried taro cakes, shrimp dumplings, Siu Mai (pork dumplings) spare ribs and rice, steamed greens with oyster sauce and a stewed mushroom and tofu thing. It was really good. I love Dim Sum. There were so many other yummy things going by on the carts but we were stuffed.

We walked along the docks and looked at all the boats. We got back to her place about 4 and had to leave for Belleville. My in-laws were nice enough to let us stay there so we didn't have to drive the full 8 hours home. Boy o boy does my Father in Law make strong drinks!

It was a whirlwind of a trip and I am very tired. I love Montreal. I love Musicgirl and I love Mom. And I don't have to work this weekend coming up and I will sleep so very very much.

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