Friday, April 08, 2005


On Tuesday I managed to leave my make-up kit at the Gym. Wasn't that intelligent of me? I didn't realize that I had done it until Wednesday after I had worked out. Real smart. I have checked a couple of times at the desk and no one has turned it in. So it's either lost in the oblivion, or someone is using my blush. Ew.

I don't wear a ton of make-up but I do like to keep people from running and screaming so I wear some. So I needed to go and replace what I had lost.That stuff is expensive! You don't realize just how much it costs until you go to replace a bunch of it at once. I bought foundation, powder, blush and a bag and it set me back a good 30$. And I still had more stuff in there I haven't replaced yet. I just wanted to get the essentials so I wouldn't scare anyone. I still need to get a brush and some pencils.

Unfortunately, what with the trip to Montreal and the three days off at Easter, my paycheck was a lot smaller this week than in previous weeks. The money will have to be stretched pretty thin to make all the bills this month. We will make it though. But no dinners out for a while.

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