Monday, July 18, 2005

Gripety gripe gripe gripe!

Gripe 1# Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot like low 30s with humidex in the 40s. Not predicted to be cooler until at least the weekend. I am sick of all the hot.

Gripe 2# Lady at work keeps turning on the heater! She says it's to keep her birds warm. But see gripe 1#.

Gripe 3# My vacation is still over a month away.

Gripe 4# The vacation is mostly visiting family and not so much with romantic get-away time.

Gripe 5# I hate writing performance reviews.

Gripe 6# All my capris are dirty, had to wear pants to work. See Gripe 1#.

Gripe 7# The Husband has three days off and I do not.

Gripe 8# The cat puked on the carpet.

Gripe 9# The other job where I am spending tomorrow is not air conditioned. See Gripe 1#.

Gripe 10# There is nothing I can do about any of my gripes. Except 6# and that involves Laundry. Bummer.

Anti-gripe 1# Drive in again tomorrow! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Whoo Hoo Baby!

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