Sunday, July 17, 2005

Visiting and Humid

My Parents came down last night to visit. They had tickets to The Tempest at Stratford and come down here afterwards. I met them at the Home County Folk Festival.

When I was younger we spent a lot of time at the Folk Fest. For a while my sister played the harp and her teacher had a booth set up there. She played to attract more customers for him. So I spent a lot of time wandering the park and looking at all the vendors and listening to the music.

I hadn't been for a few years and it seems a lot smaller than before. We spoke to my sister's old teacher and he said they are down to about 70 booths from 120 a few years ago. Most of the booths were the same ones I remember. Good for the nostalgia factor, not so good for seeing nice things to buy. I had a frozen yogurt and we wandered.

It was very humid thanks to the rain earlier in the day. I know we needed the rain, and we probably need even more but if any thing it has driven the humidity levels higher than they were before. It's hella hot and everything is sticky. I am working the second job today and we don't have air conditioning. I have a fan but all it's doing is blowing warm sticky wet air on me. I am looking forward to the trip home because I have A/C in the car.

I miss winter.

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