Friday, July 08, 2005

Learning curve

The cats have learned to co-ordinate their efforts to wake us up in the morning. It's really hard to sleep when one cat is in your face, Purring Purring PURRING! and kneading your hair. The other cat attacks from the other end, Swat Swat SWAT Ooh! Claw in the toe! This is an activity that means "Get up and feed us NOW! you horrible excuse for a cat mommy. We haven't been fed in at least 4 hours and are starving. How dare you neglect us!"

Last night I made myself some pasta for dinner. Food supplies are low because we have both been so busy. So I improvised. I had a bunch of roasted beets so I chopped those up, added some garlic and sauteed them in a bit of butter. The penne went in, along with an ounce or two of crumbled blue cheese and some pasta water. The cheese melted and made a nice sauce and the beets were very PINK! This morning you can tell I had beets for dinner.

Today we are going Raspberry picking. I looks like a lovely day out there so I hope the berries are nice. Then it's off to work and after I am heading to Exeter to visit CaliPoutine. We are doing a bit of cooking and a bit of hanging out.

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