Thursday, July 28, 2005

A little busy

Sorry about the lack of posts but I am working on a few big things I promise. I am busy writing up some travel journals of my trips to Paris, England and Cuba and will be posting those along with pictures soon. I know the trips were a while ago but I thought it would be interesting and a good way to relive happy memories.

I am also working on some things for September. That's the month I get to play host to Sugar High Friday! This has me very excited and working on my entry already.

Work is crazy and I am heading up to visit the folks this weekend. The dieting continues apace and seems to be working. 12 lbs down. 38 lbs to go.

We decided not to buy a Headboard/Footboard for the bed at this time. We have been without one for so long that we have decided to wait and buy a whole new bedroom set once we get a house. So I am just going to pick up a new frame and we will live with that for a while longer.

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