Sunday, July 24, 2005

Time to clean the freezer!

I really need to get in there and figure out what we have stashed in there. I am sure there is treasure lurking at the bottom that I have forgotten about. I know there is some soup that we need to use and probably plenty of stock and ziploc baggies of meat. I should use them before they get too freezer burnt to use. And then what would be the point of having the big freezer?

The little freezer above the fridge isnt much better. But that's where all the small things end up. 1/2 a cup of pepper, 1 slice of bread, the end of a bag of french fries, you get the idea. If it get it all cleaned out I can fill it up again and that's really the fun part.

This week we are going shopping for a headboard/footboard for our bed. We have never had one before and now that our bedframe has collasped it's time to get one. Whoo! real furniture!And I realy want one of these. Yes! A rug that looks like Salami! It would be perfect for my dining room. Via Daily Bread. Sorry the link is in German.

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