Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Weekend is just dragging

The Husband got finished work by 9:00 last night so I picked him up and we went out for a bite to eat. We went to our usual sushi joint and had some rolls and some tempura. It was a nice way to hang out and chat. I love that guy.

This morning I made French toast and I took some of the red haven peaches and peeled them, cooked with butter and honey and a few pine nuts. It made a really nice topping.

The Husband fell asleep again; he is having troubles with his allergies, while I surfed the net for B&Bs in Kingston. We were going to sleep on the boat but it is so tiny and the breakfast was continental so I don’t want to. I want a real place with real beds and hot food.

I am thinking of making chicken and apricot curry for lunch tomorrow, with rice and assorted raw veggies. I have nice fresh apricots so it should be really yummy.

And I have decided what I want for Xmas. I want a USB drive. That way I can keep important documents with me at all time and in one place.

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