Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy and Sad

I was listening in on a sing-along at work and wondering, what songs are we going to be singing when we are all in nursing homes? Does turning 80 bring with it an automatic appreciation of Tie a yellow ribbon or are we all going to be sitting around a piano singing Hit me baby, one more time? Are there any songs left that everyone knows that aren’t pop songs or commercials?

The radio made me cry in the car today. It was a story about a woman taking care of her Husband who has Alzheimer’s. The main character was talking about that conversation that married people have, what to do when I die. The Husband and I have had that conversation too. I want to be cremated; he wants to be buried. I want him to remarry; he wants the same. It’s both a very loving conversation and a very creepy one.

It’s the Husband’s birthday today. He turns 28. This morning I got up and made him breakfast. He had requested Omelets, so that’s what he got. Mushroom Omelets, roasted potatoes, toast from an Ace Bakery baguette and yogurt and granola fruit parfaits. I had some great peaches and bought some blackberries so those went into the parfaits. Breakfast turned out really well and I did a good job with the Omelets. They were light and fluffy and not browned.

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