Thursday, August 25, 2005

I can pull through

I have been keeping a journal on my computer even since I had to delete my blog. I do plan on up loading those days worth of stuff here as well as bringing back all the old posts from the last one. I know it might seem kind of weird to just move everything over but I don't want to lose it and I am actually quite pround of what I did over that year and a bit. I just need to get back to doing it again.

I have been pretty depressed lately and not feeling up to much. Life is beating me down and I am having a hard time getting back up. Maybe getting back to blogging will help that. Maybe not.

We are having dinner with friends tonight and I have plans to go to the States with another friend on the weekend. That should help pull me out of this sink hole. Plus we are going on Vacation for 5 days next week and will see lots of people and spend lots of time together. That wil be nice. I just have to hang on until then.

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