Wednesday, October 19, 2005

BBM2-my package from Samantha

BBM2 011
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I got my BBM2 package in the mail last week. For those in the know, BBM2 is Blogging By Mail 2 a food exchange created by nic of Baking Sheet and hosted this month by Samantha of The Samantha Files.

The idea is to send a box of goodies to a specially selected someone and someone else will send you one. This way you get a nice box of goodies in the mail.

What did I get? Well to start there is a great tote bag from some place called Fishs Eddys and the spelling of Fishs is giving me a headache. I also got a nice box of mallomars, some cinnamon and peppercorns from Penzey's, pecan brownies, almond and hazelnut biscotti, organic green tomato chutney and a bag of Ginger Chews. Thanks Samantha!

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