Wednesday, May 03, 2006

People Suck!

Havent been doing much cooking lately, it's only been a day or two since I have felt fully recovered from the sick. But we did go out to lunch and for a hike today.

Lunch first; we went to a new Japanese place here in town, the Ichiban Sushi House. We both had Bento boxes for lunch with california rolls, tempura, salad, soup, rice, a potato croquetty thingummy and teriaki. (I had chicken the Husband had beef) Lunch we pretty good and the restaurant was very pretty. I think we will go back for dinner and check out some of the other offerings.

Afterwards we went for a hike at Westminister Ponds. It was a great day for hiking but I couldnt believe the amount of trash in there. I found an empty plastic bag and we filled it with bottles, food wrappers and Tim Hortons cups. We emptied it into a garbage can and filled it up again. And again. And boy, there was still a lot more we could have taken out of there. Why do people feel compelled to ruin a beautiful place like that with their trash? It's not like that empty water bottle is so heavy you can't carry it out with you. It makes me really mad!

On the positive side, we did see some Blue Jays, some Cardinals, a bunch of Robins and three Woodpeckers. Oh and a squirrel (whoo) and some magpies. Karma Baby.

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