Sunday, July 16, 2006

Even More Cherries

Even More Cherries
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The Husband and I went Cherry picking again this year. And once again we got a little carried away. It's so easy! The trees were so full of fruit that it took no time at all.

And I really mean that. The sweet cherry trees were so full of fruit they were leaning over with the weight. You could reach up and grab handfuls of fruit at a time.

We picked 20lbs of pie cherries and 30lbs of sweet. We got all but about 6lbs of the sweet pitted at the orchard. They are all in the freezer now (except for the ones we ate). Lots of cherry pie this year!

Once it cools down that is. Boy is it hot!


Randi said...

wow, thats a lot. Long time no hear!! Let's do some more canning/baking or something. We have air!!

moon said...

No kidding about the heat...over here next to Montreal today it is 44C with the's insane...
I never make pies unless my dad is coming for a visit from out west...then I make 10 at once..and I am done for a long time lol. I prefer cake myself but will never say no to a nice piece of homemade cherry pie lol